Why do we grow old and die all the descendants of Adam?

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The first book of the bible tells us that in the garden of Eden appeared on the scene an enemy of GOD is called the snake, it is not a simple animal. The last book of the bible identifies him as the one called do devil and satan, who is lost or deceiving the whole inhabited earth is also called the Original serpent (genesis 3: 1, 9 revelation 12: 9) Ephesians,) It is a powerful angel, an invisible spirit that uses a snake to talk to Eve, just as an artist makes his voice seem to come out of a doll. No doubt, that angel was present when God prepared the earth for human beings (Job 38: 4: 7) we know that everything that the Lord creates is perfect then, who made the being that we call "devil" and satan? words a mighty angel of God became the "devil" of his own free will. How could such a thing happen? In the same way to who can be honest today and tomorrow become a thief, the person allows a bad desire to sprout in his heart keep thinking about that evil could become very intense then if the occasion arises the person may end up doing what he has been thinking (James 1: 13-15).

That is what happened in the case of satan. Surely I hear Jehovah telling Adam and Eve to have children to fill the earth with their genesis descendants (3.1.5) to that angel became devil name that means slanderer at the same time he became satan name that means opponent with lies and traps satan got Adam and Eve to disobey God (Genesis2: 17: 3: 6)
The result of both ended up dying, just as God had warned them (Genesis 3: 17-19). Since Adam became imperfect when he sinned, all his descendants inherited sin (Romans 5:12). The situation can be compared to a mold of making bread that is dented or deformed due to blow. How will the loaves come out that are made in the imperfect marked by the same dent. Similarly? All human beings are born marked by the "dent" of Adam's imperfection. This is why we grow old and die (Romans 3:23).