Bishop's experience of how to do something when you do not feel like it

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How to pray even if you do not have aganas.
Sometimes I do not feel like praying. The human being very inconstant. One day you feel that you can conquer the world the next day or you want to be in the world. Feelings, if we live for them, we are lost, thank God there is an alternative: do what we have to do that does, and not what we feel like doing. When I do not feel like praying, ago. the following Like gold I observe that, as well as many things in life once you start doing something the feeling comes right away. Emotion proceeds to emotion. Avecé I do not feel like eating but when I start I want to eat more ... I had to start this blog before I feel like writing. I hate writing I love writing. I think you already understood the idea. The main thing is to be clear, in your head, that you absolutely need to pray. It is not a clear option that for many people it is (because they do not know what they are asking for), but for you. The consequence will be much worse than the little effort you make. He has to do to pray. Maybe you have not spoken to God lately. He has not wanted. No problem. Are you alone now? Can you go to a reserved place? Then stop reading this and say a prayer 2 minutes or 20 does not matter. Say what you have to say.
Then come back here and send your comments on how you felt after doing that.
Fence now! He's still there?


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This may sound corny but I liken it to going to the gym. Every time I first get there, I always want to leave. But after I finish working out, I'm glad I did. Nice post.

I appreciate your support, thank you. Upvoted

thank you, friend outwalking but it is true that it happens one does not do it or say it but when it starts to do something that is not then it does not stop and feels a sastifacion inside you or yourself ...
greetings thank you