behavior and attitudes that we take and do not know the cmbio is now

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8 signs of the auto rejection.
1 if you feel inferior to others.
2 Has shame of some part of his body
3 Does not give his opinion in a work or social situation
4 You blame yourself for things from your past, which are no longer part of your present.
5 He is never satisfied with himself, or with his realizations (perfectionism)
6 It has a complex that nobody accepts (or God).
7 Invest in costly attire to get attention or improve your self-esteem.
8 He likes a person but does not say anything for fear of receiving a "No" for an answer.
You suffer with the evil of self rejection. All of us already suffer a bit from that, because it is something that is in our blood and in society.
The problem of rejection in love life prevents love from entering your life. In other words, to love those who do not love themselves, then, she becomes a negative person and lives internalizing herself. All situations of rejection begin in an internal dialogue, everyone converses with themselves, in their interior only hears words that diminish them and make them doubt that no one searches from there in internal dialogue is the main channel that self-rejection uses to enter the person, but why does that internal dialogue diminish us and make us feel less than others? Because those words come from the accuser.
Who is the accuser? The devil then, he knows about our mistakes, and this is why he accuses us to see us on the floor for his position, in practice we can not neutralize the voice of the devil but, we can disconnect and connect with the voice of God, that always He picks us up. The voice of God diminishes sin not the sinner. In order to be free of the negative voice it is necessary to connect to the voice of God and if you accept yourself, you will understand that you have errors that are subject to commit them and because of them depends on God.
To accept and love oneself is always to seek to be better who accepts, always seeks to improve and does not settle thinking that it is good. We are a work in progress for God as we let God work. He is improving us every day.
Acceptance goes hand in hand with forgiveness for the mistakes he made.


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