Will the Rapture happen on June 6 2020?

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As I write this there is a small group of dedicated rapture watchers who are hoping for a delayed Pentecost rapture in the next day or so. Can't say for sure it's a high watch time for me as I don't understand how or why Pentecost gets delayed a week.

I do however see a possibility that maybe a delayed Ascension Day rapture could occur at this time which is the only way that the timeline I have been following for a 2020 rapture could occur. If the ascension of Jesus Christ occurred in a year when a leap month was added to the Jewish calendar then either Ascension Day or Pentecost could be pushed into June. It's just impossible to say if that happened or not as that information was not recorded in the gospels or anywhere else that I know and basing any conjecture on a backward extrapolation of the modern Jewish calendar really wouldn't be accurate especially if they were still basing their calendar on an actual barley harvest that year which is what they did in the early days in Israel.

Still, in a couple of days we will know. I do find it interesting that the 6 numerology would be associated with a rapture date but that wouldn't be surprising if the rapture happens at a time when the antichrist is also coming to power. That after all is the main reason for or even a result of the rapture as stated in Revelation 12...


It's all foolishness to pick dates. I've seen it happen numerous times. From 1975 by the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Worldwide Church of God. To 1988 which was 40 years after the founding of Israel. There was a lot of excitement around the turn of the 21st century about the return of Christ. We're still waiting.

We could be five years or less from a one world government. The world's central banks are all creating enormous amounts of currency. The five trillion created by the Fed over the last few months most likely doubled the money supply. That will lead to the dollar losing half its value. Expect trillions more in money printing. We're going to have hyperinflation around the world. When Weimar Germany got hyperinflation they got Hitler about 10 years later. When the world gets hyperinflation it will get a one world government and antichrist.

Few people understand hyperinflation. In Venezuela the money is so worthless that they don't count it at the grocery store. They weigh it. Imagine what it would be like if everything at the grocery store costs ten times a much today.

The irony is that the more dates you pick the less of a date setter you are. If you say that the rapture will happen sometime in the next 5 years, that's 1826 possible dates you just picked, of which one may possibly be the correct one. I'm just trying to narrow down the field a little by applying some thought to the date picking process.