Bhuna Khichuri

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Whether the rain or not, the kidneys do not love to bathe!

So, learn how to cook roasted khichuri, Paris expatriate cottage From Farhana iftekhar

Ingredients: 4 cups of rice rice. 1 cup of peacock pulses Yellow tea Peppercorn 1 teaspoon Jarl 3,4 Cinnamon 1 Bay papata and clove 2.3 Adachucchi 1 table-spoon Oil half cup. Ghee 3 tablespoons 10,12 glasses of sugarcane. Salt like taste. Damnapata for sorting. Heat 7 cups of hot water. Peas half cup.

Method: Soak rice after 30 minutes before cooking and keep it in water. Mugdal must be soaked with rice and fry it with rice. Then the pulses will be beautiful.

Now heat the oil by stacking it in the oven and fry a few seconds with all the hot spices, adipes and cauliflower. Then take five to six minutes of water and sprinkle rice, pulse, turmeric and chilli powder together.

The more rice and pulse will be more fun and neat.

If the rice is fried, then wait until the hot water and salt come out two times. Grate the peas after peeling.

Cook for 25 minutes and cover it. The middle lid can not be opened at all. Otherwise the dishes will ruin the cooking.

After 20 to 25 minutes, open the lid and garnish with ghee and mix it with a coriander leaves.


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It's really the first time I hear about it, but thank you very much for sharing the recipe, I'll try. regards