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RE: [Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #173 - 9/16/16: (RSVP to Friday's Hangout - Refer Projects for Rewards!)

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I enjoyed the show last week @officialfuzzy and appreciate your efforts to get some documentation going. We have a project ( that will send a large amount of data to the blockchain, hence are attracted to Graphene for the speed & low cost. However we need a limited amount of smart contract functionality and I've found the developer documentation weak. So much so that I posted a thread of Bitsharestalk to try and get opinions on how it could be done. Even still the info at best is basic and there needs to be documentation to support a developer eco-system. For the record I'm not a developer myself but this is where the gap is in the documentation. I'm reasonably computer literate and didn't find it to difficult using the Bitshares wallet so documentation effort is not required there, some simple videos would suffice. Definately need more development documentation though!

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