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RE: Gridcoin Hangout #001 (RSVP & Suggest topics)

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I would mine grc, but my computer doesn't have enough hashpower :(
I do like the message it brings though, and how it actually applies itself to real world problem solving.
Maybe the miners will cure ebola.


You can pool the work from many devices, multiple PCs, laptops, Android devices and even cloud computers like the AWS free use ones. Its not like Bitcoin where you need the most powerful kit to win the race, in Gridcoin small contributions are rewarded.

ooo I never knew about the ability for droids and cloud computing for this i'll have to look into it again.

Even the most basic hardware (such as, 32-bit Pentium under light-weigh debian/ubuntu-based distro or even just ARM SoC devices) can net some GRC. Albeit power consumption is a concern if you're in it for the return on investment. Although, if you're in it for other reasons I highly suggest you giving it a go!