Larimer Resigns from DAC. Reading between the Lines...?

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First and foremost -- to @dan

When someone gives you guff. You only need do one thing...

You know what that thing is?

i'll tell you what it is...

Show them this card...

I dont know many people who have their own card man... ill leave it at that for you. You prob dont even need to hear it because u already know everything im about to unload...

For the Readers...

Read what the description is in that card. This card was partially created based off my description of BM to the designer. What do they know that you (probably) dont know?? Let me tell you. (Disclosure: I am not saying anything here is a guarantee. It is only my perspective. But from my view there is a clear argument for assuming one way or the other. Maybe you will agree.)


Ever since the earliest days of bitshares (in the day of protoshares and angelshares), the idea of many specialized chains existed. From this concept emerged the idea of something called a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation/company/community/coop (DAC). Bitshares was the first one. The "flagship"DAC. The one where all the others would trade against fiat and gold/silver pegged instruments (with near infinite possibilities) and of course bitshares.

Did he just say here that he builds the ships for others to sail? Remember bitshares was his "flagship"? Steem was another ship?

Watch this for a presentation by Dan himself if you have the time and iclination to learn a little more of the history of this.

it gets more interesting when u look at this:

if you look at what Dan most often says in just about every single interview/presentation he is always that his goal is to build tools for...

"life, liberty and the pursuit of property"...

and the youtube video above is one of many...

But that is not all... Graphene now has 3 powerful DACs (bitshares steem peerplays) that are able to promote one another and 2 of them were largely engineered by @dan (and a small team of devs).

Reading between the Lines

Now that we all know he is stepping away from, and now that we all have heard him talk about DACs, we start to ask the question: "is he planning a new DAC?"

But if you read the screenshots starts to paint a picture for me. What are your thoughts? Should we read between the lines? When I read between them they tell me Dan is planning another DAC to trade on bitshares dex and for steemians to own and participate in.

It tells me he is an engineer of the bitshares flagship who "builds ships" for others to captain after the "flagship" bitshares dex. It tells me "its what i do" and "i never give up".

Tells fuzzy its smart to lean toward @dan making another DAC. If that is the case everyone here might someday have the opportunity to become a whale in his next DAC. But this is just old fuzzy reading between the lines. It might be totally off base...

Either way...welcome to the blockchain ;)

What do you think? Let me know below!

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Seeds that Dan planted years ago are just popping their sprouts above the soil into the sunshine now, as we speak! Dan has my full support as one man of principle to another (also acknowledging that his vision sees further than mine).

Resteemed and promoted.

I agree. Dan has always built things made to last, whether or not he is there to lead them. It makes it very easy to follow him anywhere. I suppose he should take some time off and rest, go on vacation, but then let us know the moment he's at something again. I wanna know what he's into next. :)

A very reasonable summary and suspicion fuzzy :) Dan is at the bleeding edge and it only makes sense that as he continues to learn, he needs to innovate and build out the tools that will realise his vision at the level only he can operate. If we believe in Dan because of his obvious skill and vision, there will be ample opportunity for an ever growing host to follow and support his work. This is what i've been doing for several years now and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

"If we believe in Dan because of his obvious skill and vision"

His skill isn't in question but his vision appears to be fuzzy.

That is certainly a matter of perspective. In my opinion the evidence and toolkit is certainly stacking up in his favour. :)

I think its clear he has vision as well. I WILL say though that I prefer he build the gitchain and stick with THAT vision for now :)

Yes, the actual "vision" of Steemit is far more glorious than its execution.

But I don't blame Steemit. This is a very rough beta, and there's nothing wrong with a little trouble along the way. The idea itself is worthy of praise.

"Cryptocurrency mined by upvotes towards content" is an idea that shall not be forgotten.

So true...

"Cryptocurrency mined by upvotes towards content" is an idea that shall not be forgotten.

It's sheer genius that such a novel concept could even work. That "AHA!" moment when it was first realized must have been something else. When and where did it happen? Dan's needs to write an autobiography for these things one day.

Well we are at the 17th hard fork and he's calling it quits, so his vision is obviously not on the mark.

It's quite simple, you can either accept Dan's choice and reasons at face value....perhaps noticing that Steemit is one of the most remarkable and unique pieces of tech that has ever graced this planet, enabling free, uncersorable publishing for anyone with an internet connection. Or you can claim to know better...which is of course your right, not that it matters a hill of beans. I choose the former because Steemit is clearly not a complete solution to a whole world able to secure life, liberty and property, it is a part of the solution. There are thousands of others who can take Steemit to where it needs to be. Dan better serves himself and everyone else by continuing to innovate and launch other parts of the solution.

"accept Dan's choice and reasons at face value"

Well I am commenting under a post titled 'reading between the lines...?'.

"the most remarkable and unique pieces of tech that has ever graced this planet, enabling free, uncersorable publishing for anyone with an internet connection."

That quote is hyperbolic to say the least. I'm not trying to slam the guy, I'm just saying he isn't perfect and his vision had issues and continues to have them. His departure at this point seems premature.

Fair enough, you think it's premature, I think it's the right time. We'll probably never know who was right. Certainly him staying on at is no guarantee of the success of Steem (which is ultimately more important than the success of Steemit, though presently closely tied to it.) Most of Steem and steemit's issues come from the current distribution of Steem. That is changing rapidly though not fast enough for most. The majority of issues are around influence and rewards, well isn't it true that in traditional companies, the equity is highly centralised and over time it is more widely disbursed? We have felt the effects more acutely within Steemit because of the transparency, incentive structure and expectations of many. Dan's talents are wasted by working on adjustments centred upon how to please more people more rapidly. I would rather we sort that out for ourselves buy using the extremely robust, efficient and fair DPOS system he's provided :) There are many who would use Steemit without the rewards because of its utility, cost, security, efficiency but for now, I guess there are not enough of them. I hope Dan continues to innovate and build for the Steem economy, the bitshares decentralised market and for the graphene principals. His innovations protect us from the threat of other, less benevolent implementations of blockchain technology.

What makes that obvious to you out of curiosity?

I agree that his work on steem is largely done if his goal is to launch many chains and do what satoshi did after creating btc: giving it to the community to govern and either float or let sink.

Like Dan said, steemits biggest hurdles right now are UI and that is not his skillset.

Thanks for your response and i look forward to hearing your thoughts.

I think we have different perspecitves on forking. The only reason btc hasnt had that many is because they know they can never gain consensus like we can.
Hard forking is nwither good nor bad. When it is necessary it is necessary but that depends on the community.

Well look at it the other way, if his vision had been perfect then we wouldn't have had any hard forks.

Sounds reasonable to me!

I was around before Protoshares started and have seen this movie before. You are much closer to the core team and I think that you're onto something.

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

He probably has the next project half done and almost ready to testnet.

That man is a wizard

He dreams a design in his sleep, and codes it when he's awake. He is a wizard.

im sure Dan is onto new project lets just see what and when.

"is he planning a new DAC?"

That was the first thing I thought when I saw his resignation. That's a very exciting notion, IMO.

I was sadly completely out of the loop when Dan left Bitshares and started Steem, but much later I recall seeing a screenshot of the forum where dan gave everybody willing to listen a huge tip: he said "check out this weird stealthy steem thing. It's legit." I wasn't around, and if I had been, I don't know if I would have had the smarts to follow his tip - but anybody who did could have made a fair amount of money.

Will he start his new DAC as stealthily as he did Steem? If so, we need to keep vigilant and make sure not to miss it.

I think his next DAC will be successful if he remains anonymous ....
satoshi^2 would have amazing results with the skills of @dan

I simply do not see @dan going home and doing nothing, he will be back and he will be back with a brand new and great blockchain.. he will keep doing this until the day he dies and leaves a great legacy behind, of that I am sure!

Thanks for this Fuzzy. I was discouraged to see the news this morning, but after reading your post, I have a more positive perspective. I'll be looking for Dan's next project for sure!

Now you probably can understand why I stuck with bitshares we dan went to steem. I use STEEM as a powerful tool. But we have many DACs coming (i think).

So long and thanks for the fish. ^_^

lol :)

You might be right and I hope I will be fast enough to jump into the next boat!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

this analogy really isnt complete.

A complete ship builder analogy would be dan builds a ship, sells passage on it to a bunch of people. Then, when it starts to take on water a half an hour into the voyage, he makes for the nearest life-raft, paddles to shore, and starts the whole proccess over again as the passengers on the original ship get sucked down into the icy depths. Maybe tossing a "they knew the risks. ive learned so much from this expirement. this time will be way better" over his shoulder to potential new investors.

im just sayin.

That is a far from completing the analogy. There are people who use Steem for its utility and to change effort into money that they have spent. If you are only capable of looking through a 'price' lens then you misunderstand the vessel you are travelling on. There are also millions of people not using Steemit simply because they are unaware of it or have access issues.

Hm...interesting. why you think steem is a sinking ship out of curiosity?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

price, user engagement, user retention... i mean pretty much pick a metric.

also, theres the two-sentence resignation announcement from its CTO.

i know youll try to spin all these things, but to people who haven't checked their critical thinking at the door, its pretty transparent.

EDIT to add:

Worthwhile to clarify, i do think steem is taking on water. I don't think its sunk, or certain to sink. The ship can be righted imo, but only if the people running it actually try to fix the problems (instead of patting themselves on the back for how awesome they think their ship is).

I wouldnt call it spin to disagree with yiu based on some truth: I dont know of many cryptos that dont follow a very similar pattern of pumping to a huge valuation and then slowly losing value until it finds equilibrium.

Show me the metrics you are looking at and maybe we can talk, but I am personally not powering down (without powering it right back up). Should tell you where I stand. I do agree we have struggles as a community and a chain, but Ive never been part of something big thst didnt have struggles. So I guess you can call it spin but I definitely do see it differently than you
Which is fine :)

We find this opinion piece incredibly useful. The dynamic of THIS Platform is as unique as it is powerful. We wish @dan GREAT success in his endeavors and appreciate his contributions to the Open Source Movement.
Thank you for posting. Will reshare @phibetaiota
~The Management.
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He is onto something for sure ....I don't believe the hype

If anyone gets wind of a new project from @dan - Let. Me. Know.

I want in.

I was just thinking this. I'll be keeping an eye out for Dan's next project. And I'm not worried about STEEM as long as the community doesn't implode.

If you find it before me, hit me up! :D

Yep. I expressed this sentiment to #price in a reply to @samupaha a few days ago. Anyone that's been listening to your Beyond Bitcoin hangouts over the years knew this was the plan all along and could act accordingly.

It pays to listen to Beyond Bitcoin. ;)

If we are right (that is obviously where my money is).

Hmm...I'm confused. Where are you guys keeping your money to profit from all this?

Not sure what you mean. We dont do this just for profit. Nearly all my profits have gone back into helping the platform :)

Personally, I started cashing out STEEM at the first opportunity and continued powering down and putting most everything into ETH, ETC, XMR, DCR, LTC (sold after ETF pump) and DASH (just sold).

I expect the price of STEEM to continue to decline as distribution continues and then once it settles, most that cashed out some/all will buy back in at the discount rate and along with an entirely new generation of dolphins/orcas/whales.

And then the "experiment" will continue in it's new phase.

Oh I also bought a small bag of Boolberry that I'll be holding for a bit longer it appears. They all can't be winners. ;)

Well, I think in this instance (from what I've read) this had more to do with a disagreement on licensing (IP law)?

Regardless of why this happened, I'm looking forward to hearing Dan on Beyond Bitcoin soon, please make that happen. :)

He is aware he is always welcome on beyond bitcoin. :)

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thank you @officialfuzzy for posting this well written...informative and encouraging takes the sting out of the announcement somewhat and for that Steemit thanks you.

Wishing @dantheman all the best.



Wizard of Byte, cool card!

I think that whatever will be his next thing, it will be unrelated to Steem.

I think that one is a tough one to say for sure.

I build ships for others to sail

So did the engineer of the Titanic. I don't see them re-arranging the deck chairs yet. Now get back aboard ship @dantheman before someone fails to spot an iceberg, @sneak is a good programmer but he's no @dan

Full steem ahead! :D

From everything I'm seeing it seems like this could be the case. I remember Dan talking about breaking apart the chain into specialised interlinked parts (like how it's done with a database cluster) so that apps can be added and removed and changed easier. I'd be willing to bet that's what he's doing next, starting from scratch, implementing a scalable, modular, non-io-bound version of graphene that works as a library for witnesses operating on different chains (and as clients to other chains to form the links between them).

This would more easily enable the building of a fully autonomous DAC.