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Few hours to go til we meet, eat, talk, and have fun at Rehab gastrobar!

Registration opens at 430 PM tomorrow. Feel free to help me and @grazz with the setup at 3PM.

@deveerei is making a poster that Rehab Gastrobar/Distillery will share on their fb page so you guys can find it there also and he also made the photobooth backdrop logo :

Food will be Rehab Fried Chicken, Fish in Black Bean Sauce, Chopseuy Pancit , Rice and a Serving of Iced Tea.

You may order additional food or drinks and pay directly to the establishment.

Paid for dinner for 25 pax, 17 people pre-registered and another 2 persons gave to that did not tell me who they were, or I messed my list up :P

I went to the venue yesterday night and paid the downpayment for our reservation. Here's a photo I took while there:

we will be using the first floor that turns into a bar at 9pm, carefully selected by @sasha.shade who knows the owner/manager

Our agenda will be as follows, some details may change:

@luvabi/ @grazz4:30-5:15Registration
@sasha.shade5:15-5:30Welcome Remarks/Steemit developers
@jeanelleybee5:30-5:45How to convert your Steem into Peso
@deveerei5:45-6:00Earning on Steemit as a graphic artist
@cloh766:00-6:15Asia witnesses
@deveerei6:15-6:30Earning on Steemit as a graphic artist
@luvabi6:30-6:45How to use whaleshares/Looking for Niche
@cloh76/@tjpezlo/@luvabi6:45-7:15Breakout session : Talk about the blockchain, How to invest in ICOs, How to write content on steemit
Everyone7:15-8:00Dinner/ free for all discussions

Some Logistics and Registration stuff:

registration materials for me and @grazz

thanks to @shellany for your donation of 15 STEEM spent on registration supplies, printing and balloons
grazz and I will share tomorrow the receipt for the tarpaulin/ 13 and 20 SBD from @immarojas and @darthnava respectively

I posted on facebook about beyondbits giveaway for those who will arrive BEFORE 5pm as @grazz has shared.

Beyondbits for this event donated by @officialfuzzy.

We can help you open your bitshares wallet at the meet-up.

You may buy shirts at the venue, we will have a booth for it with @deveerei and @haleyaerith's shirts.

Save the location to your phone so you wont get lost and be late, and not get "early bird" beyondbits :)
You can take a tricycle from Boni MRT station. Or take an Uber or Grab and pass the Rockwell Route.

Thanks so much for your help guys!

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow :)

More info about the event:



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Looking forward to the event tomorrow. Lets make it rock!

best of luck ...

Good luck everyone! 😊

Goodluck laters @luvabi!

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