RE: Pump team in action for STEEM/BTC. Will it last??

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Pump team in action for STEEM/BTC. Will it last??

in beyondbitcoin •  3 years ago  (edited)

or it could be that the fundamentals, like @charlieshrem joining and attracting more Steem buyers. I just bought more Steem and powered up. I don't have the talent for short term trading. Good luck to those who do.

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thanks for your comment. Another approach is to start as a long term investor, using charts to help your entry for your long term investments. once more comfortable using charts, set aside a small amount of your pot to try your hand at active positioning - i.e. going in and out of the market. If you attain some success in that, then move on to trying to include short trades as well to complete the repertoire. then consider trading some on greater margin basis. just take baby steps one at a time and always make sure appetite and risk are managed to one's comfort levels. never risk more than you can afford to lose - if you are losing sleep over your trades, its too much. all the best