What do you think about sure markets?

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I was in a Whatsapp group yesterday when someone posted about sure markets. The user was looking for a number of users to come together and subscribe for the tip. The payment is monthly.

Well, it's a good thing as the subscription money is evenly spread among the participants. That way you know you don't have to suffer the burden of paying huge subscription fee alone. You can stake any amount you wish.

Do we have sure markets/tips?

To the best of my knowledge, I don't think there is anything like sure tips when it's not a fixed match. Fixed matches are hard to come by and only played by selected few. The market option is removed and your bets may be voided by the bookmaker.

What about predictions? We have good tipsters out there but none will tell you this tip is sure. You only trust them based on their previous win rate. Every tipster have a good spell and occasionally bad spells. I follow some good tipsters on Twitter and they have a decent record but you won't see them telling you this is sure.

Calling something sure means you are telling others to go all in on the tips. What if they lose at the end of the day? They just lost all their bankroll and you think they are not going to come for your head.

That will take me to Bankroll management.

You can be on a 1 month winning streak and lose all your winnings plus bankroll in just a day. Then you see them cursing the team that lost and also blaming it on bad luck. This is the most common way bettors go broke. You see them go broke all of a sudden and staying away from betting. That's when they know betting is bad and starts advising people not to bet. Some even go as far as blaming the bookie or the jersey.

It's funny but it's true. You hear statements like people don't win with that bookmaker, I am moving to a new one or Nigeria has never won with their all green jersey. The jersey is bad luck.

I won't be bothered if I lose $100 out of a $5,000 bankroll but you will be bothered when you lose $3,000 thinking the game is sure.

I will be writing on bankroll management soon. This will let you know how to manage your funds and not lose all. Meanwhile, you can check @costanza article on bankroll management. It's a good article and explanatory for you to learn more about bankroll management.

You will learn about units in the same post. You don't just go on and stake anyhow on matches. There should be a level assurance that will determine your stake amount.


I joined a new betting platform Betway recently and I will be using them for the upcoming season. I placed some bets to help me confirm some of their features. I placed 20 bets in total and won 15 lost 5. One of the bets I lost was Dortmund Vs Bayern Munich Super cup match.

I went for over 2.5 and the score ended 2-0. I only lost 3 units. I knew the game was not certain to end at 3+ goals. Most of the unders in previous fixtures have come in the super cup thus leading me to stake with care.

Units is just a way to apply your certainty or uncertainty to your stake. It helps reduce your loss and ensure you don't go broke.

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There is a one way to have sure [markets/tips]. These are surebets.

PS I am still can't realize how someone picks bookmaker like betway. In addition to low odds, betway will also reduce your maximum bet to 1 euro if you win


Yeah, I noticed the low odds. They have quite a number of markets though. One bookie I will also use is 1xbet.

There withdrawal sucks though, unless they have changed. You can only withdraw via the means you deposited.

Tried registering with Ladbrokes this week. Heard their support for international bettors is cool. 20190807_171940.png

I got that mail from them shortly. Getting a good bookie suck here. Then the restrictions comes in when you eventually get one.

Btw. Hate anything KYC.

Surebets also call arbitage bets. For example, you place 2 bets with odds 2.05 for 2 participants of the game.

Be aware of 1xbet and its clones. It is the most scam famous bookmaker in the world. Be aware of russian, greek and turkish bookmakers.

Yeah, Ladbrokes is a good bookie (unfortunately I can't play there). But their email means that [for example] your IP someone uses/used with "not allowed" bets like valuebets or surebets.

But why you picked Ladbrokes but not Pinnacle or Bet365 or Betfair?

"You can only withdraw via the means you deposited." - Every bookmaker has this AML rule.

"Hate anything KYC" - Every reputable bookmaker asks documents because of AML. And every like-scam bookmaker asks documents with intention to steal your money. As I know, bitcoin bookmakers don't ask documents. But there were some cases when Cloudbet and Anonibet requested documents.

Ooo. I don't know it as sure bets. For sure, Arbitrage is one cool way to ensure you don't lose. Huge stake is needed though and you need to know how to spot one. There are some paid services regarding that though.

I know of people complaining about extra deductions from their debit card when using 1xbet and that was why I deposited with Digibyte.

Most bookmakers here in Nigeria don't follow the AML rule. I can deposit via any means and get my money via any means. I don't even need to send my documents for any verification as long as my account full name is similar to the withdrawing address.

I only had an encounter with me submitting my documents. That was when I won a jackpot with my local bookie. I had to send in some documents for verification.

I guess I have to stick with my local bookies or find a way to reactivate my bet365 Account.