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Every man on earth who has any digital asset desires to multiply their assets. Some use gambling, some involve in mining while some will always buy to add to the one they already have.
So many crypto gambling platforms are less concerned with what happens to their users. What they know is outright winning and go home with something and outright loosing and live the platform empty.

This has really affected so many cryptocurrency owners because once there is an outright losing of their crypto then they are back to square zero.
It doesn't matter how much or little your digital asset is, there always room to increase it and a platform that can help you out on that is betbox.

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Betbox is a platform with a full ecosystem that is decentralized acting in differs DApps. Its motive involves providing a transparent, challenging and also a fair environment for those who love to increase their crypto and also have competition sense.

This platform is a place where you can place a bet on anything; ranging from private events to public events from lottery games to gambling games and personal challenge.

1. Transparency and Trust
It is the desire of everybody to transact with platforms that are trustworthy. Likewise, we all want a transparent platform where nothing is done under the curtain.
This problem is tackled by the adoption of a smart contract for the performance of every action that is money related in the platform.
The integration of an oracle is done to achieve a process that is comprehensive and fair. This oracle is put in place for dispute resolution and also for voting.
2. Downtime and Service Availability
As a result of server downtime or cyber-attacks, many cryptocurrency gaming platforms have restricted service time for their customers.
They also allow service providers that are offline which can have break, opening and closing hours and even holidays. All this contributes to the limitation in service availability.
The smart contracts of Betbox will run round the clock and thereby available always to attend to the customers' service.
Even if there exist any compromise in the part of the DApp, the fund safety is guaranteed and can be accessed using the alternative blockchain access.

Though the platform talks more on betting doesn't mean betting is the only way to increase your asset in this platform.
There exist other ways to grow your crypto without betting. In short, betting is just one out of the four crypto multiplication strategy of this platform.

These strategies are; Voting, fairness, contribution to the development of the ecosystem, and performing action.
There is 4% of every crypto gotten during the election process as a reward for every voting you participate in.
4% is also given to encourage you for the fair performance of in the voting process.
For your contribution to the platform's ecosystem, you will get 20% of the commission crypto.

Token details
Token symbol: OX
Standard: ERC-20
Price: 1 OX = 0.0004 ETH
Soft Cap: 4,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 32,000 ETH
Accepted Payments: ETH

Betbox has released it's beta version on Android and IOS by Q1 2019

Conclusively, never say I won't join the platform because you hate gambling, it only the last aspect which is performing action that a compass gambling and lottery. That is in this platform, you cant be an outright loser.

Technical paper:

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