Jupiler League Week 16 Early Bet

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I am using Nitrogensports as a way to put some of my long term Bitcoin holdings to good use instead of keeping them sitting in my wallet.I have been handicapping the Belgian League for over 15 years myself. pre-game markets tend to be very tight and offer limited value.

AA Gent vs Moeskroen

The scoring power of AA Gent is being overestimated in these odds after winning 0-3 against a poor playing Lokeren side who played with 10 after a red card. AA Gent has shown to have problems to break a defense and only had 1.67 goals on average at home. Moeskroen are a team that used to score every match but now seem to be getting in trouble after only taking 1 on 15. They average amount of goals in their away matches is 2. It's not unlikely that this match will turn out in AA Gent having a difficult time to break down a defensive Moeskroen which should give some value to this under line.

Jupiler League Week 16 Early Bet

0.010 BTC AA Gent Under 3 @ 1.832

24/11/20170.010BEL1AA Gent U31.832Pending[Link]
19/11/20170.010NBAWizards +51.895LOST[Link]
19/11/20170.010NFLRavens -21.957WON[Link]
19/11/20170.010NFLDolphins ML1.966LOST[Link]
18/11/20170.010BEL1Kortrijk +01.936WON[Link]
18/11/20170.010NBAKings +71.912WON[Link]
18/11/20170.010NBAKnicks +72.066LOST[Link]
18/11/20170.010BEL1Charleroi U2.52.063WON[Link]
15/11/20170.010NBAHornets -12.027LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLSteelers -101.948LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLBears -4.51.986LOST[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFL49ers +22.106WON[Link]
12/11/20170.010NFLFalcons -4.52.116WON[Link]
05/11/20170.010NFLWAS O45.52.026LOST[Link]

November Nitrogensports Record

13 Bets |6W-7L-0P| 0.130 BTC Staked | -0.00910 BTC Profit | -7.00% ROI

Total BTC Bankroll

0.99542000 BTC (-0.458%)

Nitrogensports BTC Balance

0.19542000 BTC (-2.29%)

I am having a win-win offer for anyone on Steemit who wanted to try out Nitrogensports with low stakes. Next week the 20% discount will be removed and turned into a deal were mainly the transaction costs are covered along with continued support trough steemvoter.

October Results
21 Bet |10W-10L-1P| 0.210 BTC Staked | +0.00308 BTC Profit | +1.46% ROI

September Results
9 Bet |4W-4L-1P| 0.090 BTC Staked | +0.00144 BTC Profit | +1.60% ROI


There are very few people that are equipped financially and psychologically to handle the ups and downs of gambling on a daily basis. If you're not a professional, every instinct you have will attempt and probably will sabotage your success. Human nature runs completely contrary to being successful at gambling.
Make sure you always use proper Bankroll Management when betting!

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Nice work. Still dominating the Belgian soccer I see ;)

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FC Midtjylland v AaB
Match: over 2
Jong FC Utrecht v Jong PSV
Match: over 2.5
Schaffhausen v FC Vaduz
Match: over 2.5

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