Better life with steem| 8th of October |Whenever a problem arrives, do three things- Face it, Fight it, and Finish it

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(Whenever a problem arrives, do three things- Face it, Fight it, and Finish it)


Dear friends,
How are you all? I wish you all a happy weekend.

Friends, don't you think life becomes monotonous if it can't throw several challenges toward us!

I know many of you will think maybe I am leading a peaceful and problem-free life;
that is the reason I can comfortably speak the above lines.

But that is not correct because everyone in this world faces different challenges in their regular life.

Challenges make us mature, knowledgeable, and experienced.

Several times we take options to avoid problems;
but the best way to wield any problem is we should face it, fight it and finish it.

When we try to follow shortcuts and try to find out options rather than face those problems;
we often get involved in more comprehensive trouble.

Avoiding anything can't make us strong but facing situations and fighting against every obscure situation makes us strong.

The day when I lost my mother, I understood the meaning of a challenge.

But the education that I received from my parents never permitted me to do anything that could hurt or harm others.

I have taken so many perfidious, backstabbed, disregard, contempt, etc several times in my life.



(I feel proud that I didn't use anyone's trust and still find the clarity like that sky inside me)

I cried, screamed, sometimes shouted alone;
sometimes in the face of those people, but I face those situations.

I never lose hope, and still, I trust people because my upbringing teaches me to let others choose the wrong way, but you must not select the same.

The path of honesty may be hard to reach, but the conclusion always gives us pleasure as that is the path of God.

Those who use trust and faith or self sake always get temporary success, but somehow they also get them from others.

I am happy with the postulate that my parents disciplined me. I didn't have a dread that dishonest people carry with them.

Because I am transparent in my morality;
and I sleep well at night without fear and without feelings of cheating others.

That's the thought for the day. Stay happy and healthy.



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