Better life with steem| 6th of October |If I had craving wings, then try to travel the dream world that I often assume in my imagination- Sunita Dutta

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(If I had craving wings, then try to travel the dream world that I often assume in my imagination)


Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are well. Today I had a hectic day.

After finishing my house errands, when I was taking some rest;
that time I thought that if I could get a yearning for wings, then what would I do? I would find out a few important people in my life.

Those whom I lost, those whom I still miss, those who understand me more than anything.

Time may be passing fast, but for me, my time has stuck at a particular point.

Now I didn't want to get rid of those memories because those memories are my treasures of life.

We often show our pride based on the wealth, power, and estate they carry with them.

But when we have to leave this world, we can't take away any of the above. Then also we run behind those things.

And for that reason, we often forget to take care of those people;
who once lost, will never come back again in our life. When I recall my past, I find tears in my eyes;
and I know I have to carry those pain all alone till the end.

But I also feel lucky because I learned the experience of having a loveable mother; who always teaches us the meaning of loyalty, empathy, and sympathy not only for self-relationships but for others too.



(Want to apply those lessons that ocean often teach us)

Now I always pray to God that let me carry my pain alone;
and help me to spread happiness for others.

I feel proud because I would not bear with me any burden of cheating people, fulfilling self-interests with evil intentions, using the relationship for one's own benefits, etc.

Often my near ones suggest to me,
Why didn't I also reveal others' truth! When they use your trust for their self benefits! I always replied that, If I do the same with them;
then what would be the difference between them and me.

So let me stay with those relationships who may not be physically present with me, but still, they understand mentally more than anyone.

I want to continue with those who judge the relationship by heart, not by words.

While sitting alone at home, I talked to those who perished physically, but they are still alive in my heart.

Believe it or not, I also listen to their voices inside me and sometimes get answers too.

I want to live in my dream world because the real world is not for people like me. Stay happy and healthy.



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