Better life with steem| 3rd of October | food helps us to build a healthy body| but our thought nourishes us to create our mind

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(food helps us to build a healthy body; but our thought nourishes us to create our mind)


Dear friends,
How are you all? I wish you all a happy Sunday.

While sitting and recalling some incidents, the above thought came to my mind.

In my childhood, my father didn't allow us any junk food. Whenever we demanded, he always tried to make that food at home.

That time only in the puja we were allowed to have outside food only for one day.

In childhood, after waking up in the morning, both sisters had soaked bitter stick water on an empty stomach, and then we started yoga.

That was our daily routine. That time honestly speaking, we didn't enjoy that practice much;
But now when I think about it, I realised;
that our healthy food and well maintained daily routine help us to build our body.

Many of you who follow my content have seen that I share my thoughts almost every time. Because my parents teach us a lesson that food helps us to build a healthy body;
but our thoughts nourishes us to create our mind.

The thought is precisely the meaning of it! It means respect for everyone, down-to-earth, positivity, compassion for the needy, etc.



(We must need to show our respect towards nature and environment apart from humans)


1.Respect for everyone:- We always say to get regard; we must show respect to others.

In our childhood whenever any elder came to visit our house;
we greeted them by touching their feet and received blessings in return.

Not only for our elders, but we also need to show our respect towards our environment, nature, and street animals.

Just feeding a packet of rs.5, biscuits to some street dogs;
we can see how much they show their love and respect to us.

When our taking care helps a plant to grow and blossom with flowers and fruits;
that time we realize we have shown some respect towards nature.



( Always be a tree and spread shadow and down to earth)

2.Down-to-earth:-Achievement sometimes develops pride inside, and we often forget from where we started.

We must try to be like a tree that always stands straight;
but it keeps its root always under the earth. No matter what success takes you to the top of the world but never forget to keep yourself down-to-earth.
Handel people and relationships with care.

3.Positivity:- A positive mind can create many things and overcome many challenges. So never lose hope and always try to see the positive part of every situation.



(Helpful nature define us who we are)


4.Compassion for the needy:- The definition of a great heart and a good soul does not just work for self-satisfaction but to serve the poor.

I can clearly remember no beggar leaving our house with an empty hand.

My mother always serves them rice and vegetables and sometimes with money.

She always told us to give these things to those needs so that we could learn the meaning of compassion.

Why I am sharing these above points so that many can understand that our fundamental learning;
that we acquired in childhood makes us who we are today.

Lastly, would say food helps us to build a healthy body;
but our thoughts nourish us to create our mind. Stay Happy and healthy.



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