Better life with steem| 29th September | A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous| that it makes us forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute.

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(Beware of those who use people as a game to checkmate the relationship and won the game cunningly)


Dear friends,
How are you all? I hope you all are well. Today I am feeling relieved, not because I have done something unique or achieved something.

There are two reasons behind my today's thought.

The first one is the water problem resolved, and the second major one is I cleared some significant points with an important person in my life.

I didn't clear my points to fulfill my desires, but I clarified them because I wanted to be clear in my conscience.

When we build any relationship;
we only expect trust, understanding, and faith in each other.

No matter what the situation comes;
We need to face them together so that no other person can take advantage.

In my entire life, I followed one principle that is fidelity;
no matter what situation I have endured but never compromised with integrity.



(Cloud of lie didn't stay long in the sky, it falls like rain after a particular time)

I have a few people in my life not because I am an antisocial person but because I love black and white truth rather than colorful lies.

Today I cleared many points because I was carrying some freight in my mind.

There are several people with several intentions bearing their mind, and often they take advantage to satisfy their self intentions.

Love, respect, and understanding are a few things that can't be bought from the market;
but that only can be achieved through our selfless accomplishments.

I am happy because the almighty gave me a chance to clear my part.

Those who lose several relationships with time can only understand the value of relationships.

I always value relationships rather than everything because I know the pain of losing them.

A few people who apprehended me closely for a long time;
they experienced that I can harm myself, but I never harm others for my own sake.

Anyway, today I thank almighty for giving me a chance so that trustworthiness comes forward.

No matter how beautiful a lie is, its term does not last long.

Those who make their own success corrosion by making someone small, their path to completion is not persisting.

So, always follow the path of honesty and hard work rather than find out shortcuts. That was the thought for the day.

Stay happy and healthy.




You always write long notes about relationships, hope your articles bonding good relationships in our society.

Thank you bro for writing such a beautiful comment.

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