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(behavior towards everything interprets our quality)

Dear friends,
How are you all? A new month has started today. I wish you all spent the entire month full of pleasure and with a salubrious atmosphere.

Often we use a line related to behavior that;
It is good to hear bad things said in a good way, but it is not good to hear good things said in the wrong way.

That means our reactions towards words depend on words we cascade towards others.

We are always responsible for how we act, no matter how we feel. We can change our attitude by only changing our behavior with others.

We often lose our control and behave with others in such a way;
that we realized later that was not a good feat we have done.

We can achieve many things by only changing our behavior. Because behavior towards others interprets our quality.



(Behave in such a way so that many can identify your fragrance and colour from far away)

In my earlier post, I also mentioned that it is our behavior that defines;
our upbringings, knowledge, and attitude as a person.

Now the question is why some people behave rudely, or I would say with the wrong attitude?
The answer is when people feel insecure;
their behavior changes for their self sake.

When we are afraid to lose something, whether it is in our personal life or professional;
our behavior changed towards those people whom we think are responsible for the situation.

It is not that every time our thoughts about those people are correct;
but, often we lose our ability to understand the circumstances.

But from my point of view, no matter whatever the situation we are going through, we must have some control over our behavior because it defines our character.

Before teaching anything, we must train our children how to behave with everyone.

We must try to be the same person privately, publically, and personally.

The Great lines was written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe about behavior.

"Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

That was the thought for the day. Stay happy and healthy.



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