Better life with steem| 13th of October | Create your self-identity in such a way that can inspire many- Sunita Dutta.

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(Stay calm after getting the success like that water, and try to fulfill thirst of needy people; so like water you are also get a name of life for your helpful attitude)

Dear Friends,
I wish you all a Maha Ashtami. The days of Durga Puja have already come to an end.

Again we all have to wait for another year. Due to the covid, in the last two years people couldn't enjoy the puja;
that they generally do in other years.

But this year, enough people completed their vaccination;
so they were a bit relaxed compared to last year.

I hope we all will overcome this covid situation soon.
Apart from the enjoyment, we must remember that still, that invisible enemy is with us;
so before leaving home, take every precaution that makes your and your family safe.

In our lifetime, we all achieve something;
that makes us identify in front of people how much we became successful.

Everyone has different definitions and meanings of their success. But for me, success means creating something;
that can not only help us, but that could be helpful for our society too.

Success doesn't measure with our bank balance, but it is evaluated through the good deeds that make us remember for decades.



(Be like nature, down to earth and helpful without expect anything in return; nature didn't show off their helpfulness towards us; so do not show off whatever you do for others)

That is the reason we still can't forget;
Swami Vivekananda, Alfred Nobel, Rabindranath Tagore, Marie Curie, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Florence Nightingale, and so on.

Creativity that inspires others even after our passing makes us successful.

That also can be a single sentence or something that helps our society to grow.
It is not how many bungalows, bank balance and cars we have.

Success can be not judged by the amount of property we carry because with them, we can live a lavish life, and after our death, we can secure our family members' futures for a specified time;

but that can't help us to become memorable or give us a tag of successful people.

For that, we must do something that may help others or inspire others to achieve their goals.

If today I have the power of wealth and property;
then many will come and roam around us to fulfill their self-benefits.

But if we lose them, unfortunately;
no one will be found around us.

The power and success of wealth are temporary, but the potential and success of humanity towards society and people is permanent that can be remembered by people forever.

So, lastly, I would say,
'Create your self-identity in such a way that can inspire many.'

That was the thought for the day. Stay happy and healthy. Also help others to make happy.




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