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The etymology of Shinjuku (Tokyo, Japan) means a new area with inns.



In front of Shinjuku station, a group of citizens working to convey the food culture of Edo to the present day was holding a Marche. They are trying to revive the local vegetable "Naito Togarashi".




During the Edo period (1603-1868), people were moving on foot. Departing from Nihonbashi, which was the center of Edo (Tokyo), the first inns are located at Naito Shinjuku. From Nihonbashi to Yotsuya, where Naito Shinjuku is located, it takes about 15 minutes by subway.


Naito One of the vegetables grown by farmers in the suburbs of Shinjuku is "Peppers." The trigger was Japanese soba. At that time, it is said that there were 3,700 Japanese soba (Japanese noodles) shops in Edo, and peppers were useful as a condiment for Japanese soba.



Pepper cultivation is popular because it is easy to cash in. Naito Farmers in the suburbs of Shinjuku grew a kind of pepper called "Naito Togarashi".


As the town of Edo prospers and the population grows, Naito Shinjuku will become more residential. "Naito Togarashi" has been declining.


1996年に設立された、地域における食の多様性を守る「味の箱船=ARK OF TASTE」という世界的な取り組みがあり、世界中で5000を越える動物、果物、野菜の品種と加工食品などがに登録されています。
「内藤とうがらし」も、ARK OF TASTEに登録されています。

Established in 1996, there is a global initiative called "Ark of Taste" that protects the diversity of food in the region, and there are more than 5,000 animal, fruit, vegetable varieties and processed foods around the world. It is registered in.
"Naito Togarashi" is also registered in ARK OF TASTE.


Naito Togarashi Website (Japanese)

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