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In early summer, there was a shade of a tree reading.



Due to the influence of COVID-19, many companies have switched much of their work to remote work. Originally I was a home worker, but the meetings have also moved online, and I no longer have the opportunity to go out for work.


Meanwhile, one of the places where I could relax and avoid contact with people was the public space between the skyscrapers. Most of the skyscrapers are office buildings. The number of people going to work has decreased, and at that time the number of people has decreased considerably.


I sit on a brick that's just right for me to sit on and read an e-book on my Kindle. It was a time of walking and refreshing.


In front of me, there were big trees as shown in the picture below, and occasionally passenger planes flew over me.





The Nishi-Shinjuku area was developed in the 1970s. Despite being in the valley of the building, there are large trees and they are cherished.




Today, when I suddenly passed through the surrounding area, the branches of the trees were cut and it was clean.






In the place where I used to read, there was a woman sitting and resting. I was happy that some people liked my favorite place.


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Thank you for reading my post and for voting and commenting. It was exactly my lucky day.
There are many wonderful places in Tokyo. I will continue to post.

Beatiful tree. I like it so much. I have a beatiful tree in front at my home.
and i want to share with you.

This is our beatiful Tree in Maracay City. Venezuela



Thanks for sharing the photo. This is also a wonderful tree.
It's great that the earth is covered with many trees♪

Congratulations for receiving the power up promotion. Your post about Japan places are informative and I learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you. I learned a lot from posting to steemit. I noticed a lot of wonderful things around me. And I got a different perspective from your diary!

I really liked the photographs, the plane at the moment that passes by. @abbey701

I was very happy to read your nice comment. Thank you.
I haven't noticed so many trees in this city, and now I'm happy.

The trees are very beautiful, I have a park near my urbanization but I am not going through there with the pandemic. Happy day greetings from Venezuela @abbey701

Thank you again for your comment. I also hope that the spread of COVID-19 will subside.

If I don't go out much, I am 60 years old and my family tries to keep me protected at home, I wear my mask when I go out to buy food. Congratulations for such a high vote, I did not achieve that high. Happy day. @abbey701

Beautifully describe your day....and you're right Tokyo it's very beautiful..