【Tokyo,Daily Life】01/10/2020THE DIARY GAME : To the car supplies store again 再び、カー用品店へsteemCreated with Sketch.

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We went out by car in the evening.



The purpose was shopping and dining that doubled as a drive. In Tokyo, both general roads and the Metropolitan Expressway were a little crowded.



One of the destinations is a car supplies store. This time, the shop I always go to has car supplies and outdoor goods, as well as a bookstore and cafe.



The picture below is probably inside a typical car supplies store. We went there before and I was amazed at the amount of information.



By comparison, this shop has sophisticated exhibits.





My partner bought a new car. He later puts a lot of things on his car, such as coating the surface of the car and a radar detector that contains traffic control information. However, he wanted to make the surface coating a little stronger, so he was looking for a new coating agent.


I usually go to the cafe, but I didn't go to the cafe, and I was looking at various items by his side talking to the clerk. Whether it's a coating or a cleaner that wipes glass, there are so many car accessories!



I'm not very interested in cars and I don't have a driver's license in the first place. To be honest, when I think about the environment, I also feel that individuals don't really need to own a car. Unless it is absolutely necessary as a means of transportation, public transportation is very well developed in Tokyo, so it may not be necessary so much.


However, when I saw so many car accessories displayed and people talking about cars with love, I felt that they had different values from me.



Some car supplies are surprisingly expensive. Many people will be happy to buy such a thing and keep their car beautiful.



For those reasons, it's not a bad time to go to a car supplies store in a different world for me.

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