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In my little time in the digital currency world, I have had a few challenges. The good news is I learnt from those challenges and it opened me up to better grasp what am involved in, which is good.

Somehow one one of the social media site while checking my unread messages, I stumbled on a bounty project, and off I go!
I quickly signed up and zoomed off to the task at hand, people this project is just so cool that i keep asking myself, what's up with this team?

They are community friendly, prompt, like before you even drop your questions and worries you got your answers already.

They are well organised. Did I mentioned that for every task you perform you know your scores already?
Yes! you do, your leaderboard shows you, you can monitor your progress.

And am thinking if other project moderators can come up with something like this it will be a lot easier for us all.
The manual logging and omission will be in the history books.
Bethereum is one of the projects i have involved in and feel cool about, because it is a planned project.
The Betherum project in a sentence is, "Betting made easy"
Token sale starts on the 11th of April, 2018 save the date, you don't want to miss it.
Find the whitepaper here, www.bethereum.com22829755_137406433573567_424988056693212297_o.png

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