Packers Win Yes!!!!!

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So today was the first day of football. I can't watch a lot of Packers games living in California. I have been a fan of them for years now. After the Rams left the first time I wanted a new team and #4 was a hell of a young QB. Yes I picked a good time to follow. Tonight was something fun to watch. As the Bears go up 20 to 0 and Rogers is hurt we think. Then he comes back and leads the team to a 24 to 23 win. If you saw it you should be glad. You don't see some like that happen often.

So who is your team? How are they doing so far. Also how did you end up a fan. I still root for the Rams a little as they where my Dad's team. But I am a cheesehead for life now.

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I'm glad you're happy... but this is the kind of sports I couldn't care less about.

This and boxing and MMA fights. Basically, any sport with a high level of violent knocks to the head... is something I'd rather ignore.

People shouldn't be torturing themselves in the name of entertainment.

Most players will end up their lives in a bed or a wheelchair, due to all the beating their brains endured along their careers. Is it really worth it?

It's about time we start focusing more on people than on money. If the NFL can't do anything to protect its players, the public should force them to.


I get what you are saying and understand that. I just grew up watching and feel at this point they make the choice to play for the money. And they now know this is bad so more retire just have 5 or 6 years.

Hey @stever82

I'm always looking out for fellow Cheeseheads. Once a Cheesehead, always a Cheesehead!

What a game on Sunday night. My world was caving in at half time and then I'm floating on air at the end. To make it more intense my wife is a Bears fan and we were watching at 3:30am kick off time so it was pretty crazy.

If you're interested, I blog about all the teams I watch, including the Pack in my series Gaz's Week of Sporting Stress. The next installment is nearly ready and includes the Bears game.

I'm from the UK but I live in Bucharest in Romania, hence the time difference. I have been a Packers fan since 93 when Brett Favre joined the greatest team in sport.

Go Pack Go!



Thanks man that was a great game. I was jumping up and down when Cobb caught that ball and started running. My wife thinks I am a bit crazy but she understands. I will try to check out your stuff.

Go Pack Go!


I thought Mack was going to catch Cobb on that td. Some of Aaron's throws were incredible, especially seeing as he couldn't use his legs to launch the ball.

Btw, my wife thinks I'm crazy to but she's a Bears fan! Only one crazy person in our house!