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Best of PH is our way of highlighting best and finest Filipino content creators who are paving their way to Steemit glory.

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 contents from awesome Filipino Steemians.

Featured Post #1: ART-Gear 4 Luffy- Watercolor Drawing by @chrisjayl.

It's been 2 years now since I started creating artworks. But most of my drawings had same genre or style in terms of coloring method. I've been drawing anime and comic characters that I personally love. But the way I color the drawings are either by color pencils or markers. That's been my signature way of doing artworks. So as I was going through my stuff, I stumbled upon my forgotten coloring materials.

One piece is one of my favorite anime series ever. The way it is presented to the television is indeed phenomenal. Action and comedy at its best that not only children will get hooked but also tickle the interest of grownups. Thanks for sharing this artwork with us @chrisjayl it really rocks my imagination.

Featured Post #2 :An Artist's Reflection + Today's Sunrise by @olaivart

I just woke up from a nap. Earlier around 4:45am, I went out to witness another magical morning by the beach, and it did not disappoint. I was welcomed with crazy clouds once again.

Photography is art and I like how you get inspiration from your photos. Those photos are already a hit and I really can't wait until you come up with something out of it... Another featured I guess? Well, good luck and I'm hoping to see the end result of this. Thank you for sharing this with us @olaivart.

Featured Post #3: MyPictureDay - Having a great weekend on the Island of Kalanggaman by @noreen.

Visiting places that will enlighten your mood is a very excellent way to recharge your body from all the stressors of your daily activities. In fact, it increases a pleasant feeling because it reduces the production of stress hormones.😊

Look who's here? It's @noreen!! You really amazed me not only from your photography skills but also with your blogging. It was great to go on a trip from time to time and release all the stress. You showed us something to do when we need to unwind... Well, why not? I might do the same. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Featured Post #4: Word Poetry Challenge #8: TAGPUAN by @marizen.

Halakhak at tawanan kapag nagsamasama
Kaming magkakaibigan at magbabarkada
Sila ang karamay sa hirap at saya
Ang sarap isipin na kaibigan ko sila.

I miss my friends back in our country! This piece is something that I really can't get to go when suggesting a post but the way you deliver it drive me to a spot that yes indeed we need a poetry for this showcase. Thanks for sharing your talent and hopefully you were able to overcome all the adversities you're going through every day. Pray and keep pushing. @marizen

Featured Post #5:Chasing Summer this Rainy Season by @leeart.

Since summer escaped us this year, we chose to chase summer. We have had no summer outing with my friends this year because of unavoidable circumstances. Plus, the weather is not favorable for travel. We have made plans but those had to be canceled. We kept making plans and finally we made a quick escapade to San Juan, La Union.

Last but not the least is a rainy summer get away from @leeart. Well, they said that summer fun ain't stopped by the rain and that's what Filipinos are great at. We tend to go at beaches any time we pleased and no one can stop us even this rainy season. Thanks for sharing this to us, you sure adds up something for me to do here in Dubai.

There you have it folks, our daily featured post for today. Watch out for our next featured post tomorrow, who knows you might be on the next list.

Until next time then. See Y'all soon!

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