Good Morning The world is so beautiful

in bescouted •  last year


Good morning, the most beautiful words I've ever been to tell the whole world. And this beautiful morning of course can only be enjoyed with a clear heart and mind .. because without it this morning no more than just time without meaning. Did you know that this morning has erased the traces of the past and taught us to look to a more beautiful, wiser and better-understood future. When the eyes looked beautifully at the sun then we know that at this time is not an end that there are still more days to reach the dream .. release all the burden and start back .. like this morning .

Morning .. beautiful and full of hope, morning comes with sun shining, like a million wishes for a heart full of love and peace. morning whispered that the soul awakens from the dream and understands that the day has passed through the past that has passed. each morning to decorate the sky with clouds ready to emerge from the dark.


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