Daily photography contest - Thursday:colourfulphotography - Aromatic candles by @oscarps PhotoEdits

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Aromatic candles

This is my entry in this contest, initiated by @juliank.
Read more about this contest here: https://steemit.com/blog/@juliank/why-i-give-away-300-sbd-per-month-on-photography-contests-1506548546-263242



SettingsISO 800 f/4.5 1/250
CameraOlympus E410
LensOlympus lens
LocationCáceres - Spain

Thanks @juliank.
Have a great day, Steemians!
Image © oscarps. All Rights Reserved.
Original content by @oscarps

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Very colorful entries. Are those bangels?


Thank so much. They are aromatic wax candles, regards @jon24jon24

That would make a large pool of molten wax scented nicely. Love the perspective of these waxy luminaries.


And aromatic, they are fruits , greetings Denise. @dswigle


Oh! I might want to eat them, Oscar!