Mixed architecture of Berlin #8!

in berlin •  4 months ago


Hey Steemians, here is my next photo post with impressions of the mixed architecture here in Berlin city.

📍Müllerstraße, Berlin, Germany
📷 HTC U11
🎨 No Filter

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I like the middle building, nice colors.


Thanks for the feedback @jdbs!

Building's color combination is beautiful. I think it's most beautiful building I seen ever !!!

the architecture of the building is stylish cool. Building with unique and interesting architectural design, gives a different impression to the buildings around it, making us feel back in time. this style brings luxury in your dwelling. Of the many exterior elements used, can not be denied that the profile / ornaments ornaments are complicated.. the photos are very impressive.. thanks sir @future24

excellent photos, the German architecture is always rich and well defined, I think your dedication to show in your photos the most interesting places you visit is beautiful.

Very beautiful photos. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивые фото. Удачи Вам и Любви.