Awesome Snapshot with view over the river Havel in Berlin! 😮

in berlin •  11 months ago


Hey Steemians, I want to present you this cool shot with a great atmosphere, taken with my new smartphone at the river Havel in Berlin. Have a nice day everyone and Steem On!

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play | IOS
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Amazing smartphone photography!!

Nice shot friend.

Such beautiful places exit in our own cities. Sometimes we forget to look in our own backyards :-)
This is a great picture.


Hi @hashcash, thanks for the cool feedback again and greetings from Germany. 👍

Nice shot dude! Greetings from South Africa


Hey @hansdewet, greetings back from Germany and thanks for the feedback!

Nice spot to sit and think with that bench there :)
Nice shot @future24

Beautiful smartphone photography
I like it this steepshot. thanks for sharing this nature..........

Hi, @future24 , how are you? Really amazing photoshoot.


Hi @mominsdt, Im fine thank you and best regards from Berlin!

it is indeed a very pretty image. really like tge colours on this one. you did a great job.


Hi @sergiomendes, thanks for the nice feedback and your visit again! 👍


You are welcome. I am always keeping an eye o your photos on steepshot eheheh 😁

WoW! Awesome Photography. Your photography is really great. The place is also beautiful. I appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing the image.

The blue sky made the water of the River Blue.

Realy,This is natural beauty photography.I attractive this photography.

Sangat indah pemandangan nya, postingan bagus @future24

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Your new smartphone managed to make a great photo. Good luck to you and Love.

Ваш новый смартфон успел сделать великолепное фото. Удачи Вам и Любви.