Send any amount over 10 to get 2x worth. Profit

in #bellyrubsale4 years ago (edited)

Doing a flash vote sell send 10 Sbd or more to get 2x your amount.

This this is a fall sale, will do this till power reaches 80%

100 % vote worth $148! Hurry ends at 80%

Send amount to bellyrub with your link in the memo!


I'm in. If you ever want to schedule guaranteed customers, I'd be interested.

awesome!! I am now waiting 4 days before my upvotes to help boost my curators. But I'll be in the market in another 4-5 days. Also totally cool, but upvote was a little less than double according to my algebra. I am happy but thought would let you know the math might need to be double checked.

What about the pending refunds?

@bellyrub has gone rogue, he is scamming the network and downvoting anyone pointing it out.

if you gave 3X then i use your service. because 2X is normal now.

why this problem creates any this time???

great post

Great help, well done

good information & keep it such a nice & useful informatio

@bellyrub: I was transferred the amount of 1 SBD for upvote my post but I have not yet receive the vote of my post, so please upvote my post, I will be very thankful to you.
I am sending the link of my post:
So please give the vote of my post or send back my 1SBD please

I’ve sent about 3-4 hours ago. Still didnt receive an upvote.

Because the bot is has been down

No refund? I wasnt able to check it out that it was down

So what will be the status of my amount, please refund my 1 SBD, I will be very thankful to you @bellyrub

They said, he is a scammer.

@bellyrub has gone rogue. This is a scam.

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