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RE: Abuse of @bellyrub fix coming next round!

in #bellyrub5 years ago

As far as I know, any amount now is fine, the $250 is out for right now, so it is just half.

@bellyrub was being targeted for users sending in super high bids on posts that any one can clearly see it was not worth it.

But I do not use the word abuse like any normal daily base, just trying to get every one a chance to get some promotion while not landing on the trending page just by using @bellyrub.

So others can benefit as well, at the moment their is no min bid, we just lowerd the vote % to 50.


Thank you for the clarification

Hello @zeartul I just transferred 1 SBD has and I forget about the URL link of my post

Interesting; but it doesn't matter from which angle you look at it, this cannot be considered abuse ! It is unfair if you take into consideration the moral or ethical aspect but in terms of complying with rules of the bot; it cannot be considered abuse.

Maybe a way to fix this issue is to set the bot to place extremely high bids on Cue and thus eliminating it from that round until it is reviewed manually. If it fits the criteria based on quality of content; it will then be entered automatically into the next round, if it does not; 50% of the bid should be refunded with a warning message. A second abuse and all funds should be witheld.

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