Looking to sell transfer owner ship to someone, Of the good old bellyrubber legacy.

in bellyrub •  last year

Dark Templar here, The past couple of weeks in the outside world.
My regular work week of 15+ hours has taken a toll on me I have made bellyrub from the ground up as a brand in the steemit communtity.

This is by far one of the most memorial comments from a steemian.
With the help of @neoxian from the very beginning of bellyrubs birth till now, has been a great support and mentor.
There are many many others that supported @bellyrub since its birth.
@kid4life would run the bellyrubchallange as well.

With the latest bot issues and more in depth maintenance and post monitoring it has come down to continue @bellyrub or transfer it to some one who has the time.


I would love for @bellyrub to live on in the steemit ecosystem.

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Would you rather have someone assist in keeping it going?
We could simply split profits.

What would that mean for @bellyrubbank would you still be handling it?


nothing it would still be paid like normal.

I sent you a message about a problem i have using bellyrub, i sent 1.5sbd and i didnt receive any vote or refund

@bellyrub is nothing without you @zeartul i don't think that someone else can handle the big belly of your whale bot pet ;) just you i respect your decision and i hope that you can find a good babysitter for @bellyrub Respect @zeartul

What's required to run bellyrub?


Time mostly


I have time :)

What kind of help you need? we want belly come back we love it

Hey man. You've put a lot of time and effort into this. It would be sad to see you let it go.

have a nice day~

Not really shocked considering our convo this morning. It's sad to see you let BellyRub go, I know you've put a lot into it.


Well it is a thought for right now. : ) Built a brand here on steemit.


DM me... I have an idea

It would be better if you split the workload with someone who has Time to Spare.

We all love @bellyrub don't go away.

How much does it make for you at this point?

thats sad i liked this bot


Hey kings thanks man.

Do you please make me clear about this Bellyrub??

What's going to happen with the funds @bellyrubbank?

Sorry to see you have to let this go.


Just a thought most likely keep it, The funds will still be paid out.

I also want to be a part of it. . But I'm just a small fish playing around big whales. . May I not be fed but guided and aided by whales. .

How about you hire someone? Or make a team and asign tasks to all of them.

Me,i could volunteer for no revenues .


You want to learn the inside of the belly?


yes, for sure