Bellyrub Rub giving away around 4 / 500K Steempower

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Want to win a @bellyrub? Awesome This contest is real simple.

Da Rulez

  • Vote this post
  • Comment a post and say why they should get a rub
  • Resteem this post

You can post your own link but it looks better if you nominate others.

There will be a bunch of winners. :)

Votes will be all random. Ends 12:00 AM pacific time, votes will be done all day.

Please do not submit post that is older than 5 days.

Ready set go

Push your Post Payouts with a Vote from @Bellyrub

Send any amount over .5 of SBD with your Posts URL as Memo

Start earning real Appreciations on your SBD from now on!

Deposit 20 SBD or more to the @Bellyrubbank today

I´ll always give my best for YOU!

Vote @Zeartul for Witness

Follow me on twitter as well @zeratulsteemit

This post is a contest post and the text does not change much.


I like @bellyrub's and @zeartul's giveaways, now I would like a little rub for my post, it is about street art in Bristol. Not many people have seen that. Thanks

I nominate @rejzon's SANJI artwork because it looks really awesome and he was so resourceful to use whiteboard marker and stabilo highlighter for it. ^^ He also included the step-by-step process of his artwork... ^^

well, I cannot agree more @tegoshie! ^_-

Do you know this steemian witness - Zeartul?

I´ll always give my best for YOU!
Vote @Zeartul for Witness

Hmmmm... interesting.
I'd like to know more about this witness!

I still have 17 votes remaining and my friends barely use theirs LOL
I'll visit you soon ^_-
See ya around!

Hello Gil! ^^
Thanks a bunch.. Hope you're enjoying your vacation! :) Please bring me an elephant when you come back in the Phils.. haha

I don't personally know @zeartul, but I've been using @bellyrub.. they even have a bank which I find useful.. ^^ I have already voted him as a witness when I started using @bellyrub.. hihihi..
it would be nice of you to vote for him, too.. ^^

You're always welcome my dear tegoshei 😘😘
Poor elephant =( they don't take care 📴 them, if you hear the real story how they treat the elephants here you'll be upset. It's really sad, but I you don't want to hear about it.

Anyways, I will look into this bellyrub thingy haha sounds fun. So this @zeartul created this @bellyrub ha... How long have you been using this program? Sounds exciting haha!

I love how you are exploring new stuff!! You have tell me more about this on our next meet up.

Am so proud of you 😘😘😘 I have a gift for you from Thailand, but I not real elephant though haha

AMISHU bigger time! Xoxo

Really? I'd like to know even if it'd make me upset... I think people have to know, to be aware of it.. :(

Yep... ^^ if I'm not mistaken, I started using @bellyrub a couple months ago? not sure.. haha

Sure.. let's catch up on a lot of things the next time we meet.. For now, you have to enjoy and take a lot of pictures.. Hahaha.. would love to hear of your trip, too.. ^^

Yaaay! Hahaha... yeah.. guess it's really impossible to take the elephant back with you.. hihi

Catch up soon! Love lots Gil😘😍

Very great initiative. Let's read my post. Its about life, philosophy and a short story. Just read and enjoy.

I should win a rub because I'm investor at @Bellyrubbank and elect @Zeartul for Witness!!!

I want to nominate Hanna

She is a lovely, kind, hardworking girl and she is here to promote healthy parenting and document her simple family life. Steemit is her newly found passion and she is in it long term. She also discovered @bellyrub and made me invest in @bellyrubbank. For a lot of mothers out there who have delivered us to this wonderful world, this journey on steemit can be intimidating but I see perseverance and ambition, and selflessness in our steemit girls' posts. Producing quality content for a specific niche (children and family) bringing diversity to steemit, as the best life changing platform for people ever, and not chasing after famous tags is why vouch for her and other girls like her here in our beloved community of DOERS. Thanks @zeartul and all the best everyone!

I think this link should get a bellyrub because 100% of the post is going to feed children at a small school in Bangladesh. Check out @schoolforsdg4 for more information about the school and the fruit program.

i want a belly rub as it would probably give me a stiffy

cool, I want to promote my comic, Drift. I have posted a new issue! Looking to release new issues every week!
section 3 cover.jpg

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Good work man..👌👍

This is awesome

This is great.. :)

I would nominate the great photograph from @amanprem , it conveys a great message to the society.

very nice

I nominate @hooper40 for her sketch of a Somerset Woodland post in the art category. The amount of detail that went into the sketch must have taken hours of extreme focus and patience. As the user is new I also feel helping them by nominating them for a belly rub is a great way to start their experience on Steemit. Link: