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RE: Abuse of @bellyrub fix coming next round!

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Hi @zeartul ... I have noticed the powerup and also bid for upvote one time and saw some users bidding huge amounts which is misuse of one of the supporting system for minnows like us.
One upvote session takes place in 2.4 hours which is quite a long time and in my view even 1.2 hours is quite long. May I suggest that voting session start at about 30 minutes or similar time which will probably be around $50-$60 worth of votes at a time which shall curb the misusers and give proper users upvotes without waiting longer time period. I think doing so will bring better curation rewards for @bellyrub as well.


"bidding huge amounts which is misuse"


"the supporting system for minnows like us."

I must have missed the minnows only stamp.

I don't care what you bid for upvotes! Good luck with your journey! You want visibility of your posts which can be achieved with much lesser bids. So basically you are taking away the chances for others to go visible as well which i believe is rigging the system. That is why I called it misuse.

Why not bid for whole 100% upvote from @bellyrub instead of just 40 or 50 percent, seems like you can afford it and have monopoly on bid based upvote bots.

Thanks for your reply. Please realize my response to your comment is nothing personal, I appreciate the discussion and have upvoted you, but disagree with basically everything you said.

"rigging the system. That is why I called it misuse."

Again, I ask you to define how bidding in an auction, which is the VERY design of an auction, is rigging the system? I am literally doing the thing I am supposed to do. Is drinking water abusing water? Is breathing air abusing air?

"taking away the chances for others to go visible"

Not only am I not doing that (because it is impossible to prevent others from bidding), I am helping to keep the service running by increasing @bellyrub's profitability. That delegated SP will leave and find a better return if the bot is getting paid $40 for $240 upvotes. The free market is a bitch.

"Why not bid for whole 100% upvote"

Well, first, this is impossible. I can't prevent other people from bidding.

Second, I wouldn't want to. I don't want/need 100% of the upvote, and the more I bid the worse deal everyone gets anyway. I frequently take a loss on my bids after curation. Most of my Bellyrubs have been on several-days old posts, and I only started using it this week.

Which brings me to one of the main reasons I bid in the first place. One of my main goals is to get very high curation payouts for everyone who votes on my articles, so they will be game-theoretically incentivized to continue supporting my (imo underpaid otherwise) work. Larger bids = more curation for my followers, even though it makes my return go down. (Smaller bids have much better ROI usually, do the math.)

"have monopoly on bid based upvote bots."

If you think you can have a monopoly on an auction, then you don't even know what an auction is. Which is probably why you also call bidding abuse.

Hey @lexiconical ... I was quite impressed by the argument you made in the previous comment that is why I was quite becoming unable to answer your questions and your second comment was not even necessary for me.

There is no doubt that auction market works the same way you have justified. In fact, I am supporter of free markets but while practicing in my first comment in this post, I have shown the exact opposite, the same attitude practiced by most of the politicians who show victims to gain polpularity. I am quite ashamed of the act because I vented out my feelings without thinking about both sides and for practicing exact opposite of what I suppprted and I have nothing personal against you.

With your justification I apologize for calling high bids a misuse as I have seen people bidding more than market value in a different place which must have some purpose of doing so which I have not been able to understand yet. Also, your justification of rewarding your curators has made it somewhat clear for such kind of act even though the bidder is bearing loss. Regarding your second question, I haven't studied the rules and maybe there is no such thing that says bots are for minnows only and it does make sense as minnows do not have sizeable investment or funds that they can afford the bids which starts at about 1 SBD at least.

Further, the bot will always earn whichever sum is bidded than curation rewards from upvotes casted and as you said the delegated power will move somewhere else that has better ROI, that is free market and principle of capital which will make the bot less powerful. I guess you were actually supporting the bot to maintain its earnings for its investors if viewed in this perspective.

I apologize again and have changed my views in regards to this subject because you have opened my blind eye and if possible i take back my words which didn't needed so much explanation after your previous comment.

I really appreciated your reply. Thank you! Have a full vote.

I wish you the best!

Thank you for clearing my views and the kind gesture of upvoting my comment even though you were against my views! Best wishes for you too!

Thank you for the reply.

"So basically you are taking away the chances for others to go visible"

So? If we both bid on an Ebay auction, I'm taking away your chance to get the item for cheaper. That's how a free market works. This is a good thing.

"Why not bid for whole 100% upvote"

This isn't possible the way Bellyrub works, and my goal is not to monopolize the bot nor prevent others from using it. My goal is to increase the curation rewards for my followers and increase visibility for my (extremely high quality) posts.

"have monopoly on bid based upvote bots."

Far from it, my friend. I've been using them for 3-4 days as an experiment so I can write about them from personal experience.

You still didn't answer my first question, how have you arbitrarily defined bidding in an auction as abuse? That is literally the whole point of an auction. You are just calling it abuse because you stand to gain from the results of doing so.

That is also a good idea. Or maybe do something like Minnowbooster, where there is a daily limit as well as a weekly limit.

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