Your Favorite Belly rubber now has 2,686,735 SP!!! Amazing Min has been raised to 1 SBD

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A very happy Halloween for every one! @bellyrub now has 2,686,735 SP This is huge and Somethings will be changed just not yet, we are testing new ideas.

For now continue to send in bids to @bellyrub, You must send 1 SBD or over no Steem.

Please enjoy this animation created by @sanjayrai


Please also vote for my witness @zeartul


on 90SBD invested 0% profit but got some reputation ofc :D This bot is still not good for bigger bids unfortunately. I'm still waiting for bot that will give me profit on higher bids....

Oh ,Oops ! I all ready sent you 0.50 on this post earlier without knowing you raised it to 1.00 SD !! Will the funds be returned or will you just u
vote my post at 0.50 !? Heres the link , thanks !

I have them same issue: send 0.925 SBD and hope it will be returned. thanks

Yes I really hope so !! I have no SD left . Good luck to you !!👍✌💕

@bellyrub and @minnowbooster now that you guys have big amount of SP (more than 2.5M SP), you guys have great responsibility to make steemit/steem blockchain successful and better. Here are couple of my 2 cent ideas:

  1. Hire few top notch curators who can judge posts according to their merit. For example curator will have 50K delegated SP. He will earn 25% of VP through curation. In return they will curate 10-40 posts daily. People who want curation will send url to bellyrub with a status flag (eg. a status flag can be used "CS/CC url link", C for curation S for Science, C Crytpo etc ). Curator will be notified about the post and judge, upvote a post according to its merit on later time.

  2. Some top posts curated can be resteemed by bellyrub

  3. A report will be published daily basis, that can earn for @bellyrub investors.

  4. Daily top 3 post, Weekly post, monthly post will be selected and prized with vote or SBD.

  5. For curation, some ML/AI bot can be used for initial filtering.

  6. This step will make great publicity for @bellyrub, which will increase popularity of @bellyrub and in return, return more bids and profits for @bellyrub too.

  7. I think you are already thinking of several other bots in parallel with bidding vote. @randowhale need competition, he is too popular to wakeup

Though the idea is similar to @buildawhale, but it can be made better with innovation and experiments.

Therefore, every hard-worked and innovative post will have a chance to be appreciated in Steemit. Moreover, users will be serious since they are spending for advertisement through @bellyrub.

Thanks again @bellyrub for great service :)

Last time I tried to use @bellyrub, I sent 2 sbd and got a 0.95 upvote about 6 hours later :-/ was that correct? Seemed kind of low and took a lot longer than usual

OMG, this is absolutely insane. I just saw the amount on Bot Tracker and I couldn't believe my eyes. I just send all ms last SBD at once, lol!

You are always smart @flauwy seems like learning a lot from Steemy :)

wow Nice information pls follow and upvote my post i will do same for you.

Wow good job, i like your work.

This is totally insane!

Wow who contributed

Just happened to see it now , unfortunately , sent you 0.500 unknowingly , looking forward to be up voted
globetrottergcc transfer 0.500 SBD to bellyrub

Or refund so I can send 1SBD instead , thank you.

Transfer 0.100 SBD to bellyrub
Here is a second refund :) mistakenly sent hope you reconsider it after all Halloween!

I just sent 1 to try it... What kind of magic can I expect? ;)

Well, i will try it too. I suppose it is the amount from bottracker who will vote to our post... Will see then


Fuuck, that is an insane amount of steem power you control.

Only 70k of voting power per month. 😮

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