Instant vote :-) Thats grate

Unvote. He deserve nothing. Lost 25 sbd bc of him

OMG.Is it ?

Yes he a scammer. Its been proven.

Hi there @bellyrub, I didn't get your vote on, it was a 5sbd bid and should of payed out $19.29 just as your bot stopped working, what happened to the vote, cheers. @silverbug

@zeartul has scammed the community. He's taken the money and run.

-25 sbd fro me. Did you lose any?

Thanks for the update @demotruk, there is always one to spoil the party, that's life my friend, cheers.

Hello @bellyrub
I didn't receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that sent 27 hours before 15 SBD for

Hello @bellyrub
I didnt receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that.sent 23 hours before..0.5 SBD for

What is going on with @bellyrub @zeartful?
We see a heap of posts within the last day, one even asking for 40,000 steem to get access to 5.5 million? wtf is going on when at the same time bellyrub has missed a heap of votes by its users?
Sort out the problems that occurred yesterday in a voting round that was not fulfilled by bellyrub, refund those payments, restore your integrity bro.

@zeartful, can you make up your mind, lol.
I just woke up to see 5 posts about new ideas for bellyrub.

What is the minimum bid 5 or 0.50?

I sent 2 steem after reading your original post...

I didnt receive upvote; please check that @bellyrub
Sent 0.5 Sbd for

is it working lol

Ok bellyrub we are waiting and i hope the steemians be patient. I appreciate all your effort . Big thank to you

Upvoted this post and sent u 1 SBD with a link in memo :)

goood oneeeeeee

So this is one of those things that you pay a little and get back more?

Yep, it's worked for me many times. Bellyrub is probably the best in its class! Give it a try and your be surprised!

Okay. I just tried it. Does it give a percentage back of the post or just a percentage added on to what I sent?

i don't understand what ur asking...all i know is the first time i did it my post was at like 13 cents...i sent him 0.500 SBD than 3 hours later my post payout was 1.51! So he doubled what i sent him! Been using bellyrub ever since and never lost any SBD!

Ok. That answers my question. Thanks.

It a bid system. Say the bid pool aka amoutn sbd sent in one day is 100sbd and you send 1 sbd you get 1% of the 100% vote but you will make ahuge profit

Ok. Well that sounds like better than I figured. Let's see how it works. I've already sent everything I can right now, but for future reference, I'll be ready. What is the min/max you can send?

That the problem some asshole will send 40 sbd and screw up profits but it only sometimes and if it happpens the user get blacklisted. So send at max 15 sbd

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