After scratching the idea maybe you could also have taken off your upvote!

Hi Bellyrub, I sent 6 sbd for a post about 16 hours ago but didnt recieve an upvote... can you please look into this? The post will expire tomorrow, so we only have 24ish hours to vote this post. A refund is fine too. Thank you for your service. This was the post:

You have collected your daily Power Up! This post received an upvote worth of 0.26$.
Learn how to Power Up Smart here!

Hello @bellyrub and @zeartul
I didn't receive upvote or refund.
Please fix that sent 27 hours before 15 SBD for

I like your post very much

It's a great projects, I wish all best

Sorry to ask you a question here as I don't know where to ask.

I sent money to bellyrub for upvote ones:
Can I send money two times in a day for 2 different posts?

You will be so fat, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life explosion is your soon to be scenario. :)
Good idea to not do it all at once, but then having what almost 5 times more frequent voting meaning more can take advantage of @bellyrub, especially when sometimes bids can be like $30 haha.

I will pony up 500steem. It's a start ^^

EDIT: Just to clarify, I will receive 625 steem in 1.5 months?

This is like a 202% APR or something like that, right??!

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