Finish The Beliefs & Start With The FACTS

in beliefs •  6 months ago

This channel is for educational purposes and is for the purpose of helping the SoCalled blacks, Negros, native american, and american Indians whom are actually descendants of the most high YAHSHUA and biblical linage is of Israel/Jacob. The channel will post content proving facts and educations the people of Israel.

Note: When learning a new subject wherein school and life. Understanding can be arduous and disorganized while someone is trying to connect the dots for you. But, as you begin learning you start to get the picture (connect the dots). You are able to stop when you have 50% of the dots connect but you can also be patient until that moment when you have connected all the dots and then it becomes a picture, it becomes understanding.

Some teachers in our lives today have failed to connect all the dots (or number the dots correctly) in our understanding, because to be able to draw the dots without the numbering allow the creator of the image to also control the image (narrative) itself.

In this example, we see that the creator has already given us the knowledge and the understanding for us to be able to guess what this picture is before we being to connect the dots. But if we could let us save our accusations concerning the pictures till completion. NEVER FORGET: He who holds the printed page controls the thinking of the age.


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