About the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)

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It is true that one can point out the Master Peter Deunov's external life, considering dates and major events in the life of an individuality in the hope of throwing light upon either his works or his character. Doing this, however, one somehow eludes the individuality itself, which cannot be fully contained in the facts of the outer life. Where then, is the Master to be sought? He can be discovered in his lectures, for there indeed are found the internal revelations of the life of a pure, exalted Spirit, who wholly dedicated himself to serve God and to teach and work among people, for their enlightenment and upliftment, preparing them to receive in the future the grace of the Holy Spirit and the perfect Light of the Truth. In the lectures, of which there are over 4000 extant, the Master bestowed upon humanity the True philosophy - the original Teaching of Jesus Christ given 2000 years ago. It is a philosophy unlike any other, for it has applications to life; and the results of this application are these: that one lives and abides in God. This is not something that can be spoken of, but lived and experienced. It is for this reason, when "words are mere stammerings, considering the subject matter", that Christophorus (the author and translator of this web-site: http://www.beinsa-douno.net/) points to the Master's lectures - that one may from one's own experience perceive the Love, Wisdom and Truth of the Teaching of the Master Peter Deunov, thereby perceiving him, too.

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