Urban art in the city of Orense - Behind The Photo

On this occasion I want to show you some photographs that I made of several graffiti, when I was visiting the city of Orense, Spain. On that visit I planned to photograph certain interesting places without thinking specifically about what, so I took my camera and headed towards that city.

DSC_0392 (4).jpg

When passing through a certain place, I was able to observe an exclusive area for urban artists, to as which years ago was considered vandalism, nowadays it is considered art, even they are given permission for urban artists to portray their works on facades of houses or walls dedicated to it.

DSCN1336 - copia a.jpg

The trip

RSCN1338 - copia (5).jpg

The latin

Graffiti turns out to be a good way to express yourself, leaving reflected feelings and ideas that the viewer can enjoy in each line drawn. In my opinion it is an innovative idea, to have exclusive places for artists to express themselves.

DSC_0385 (4).jpg

Apparently in this graffiti the artist wanted to convey a message about the war between Israel and Palestine.

DSC_0387 (4).jpg

Pop art

DSC_0389 (4).jpg

Ice cube

Next we can see how in a graffiti reference is made to pop art technique in urban art and in the second one the American rapper and actor ice cube.

DSC_0413 (5).jpg

This last graffiti seemed quite curious, the details on the face of the individual, gestures, colors and shapes that prevail are very striking. It is a very well done drawing that invites you to be contemplating it for a long time.

Images of my authorship, taken with Nikon Coolpix and Sony Xperia

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