Do You Respond Or Do You React??

in behaviour •  4 months ago


There is a wide range of opinions on reacting and responding.only few people know the difference between these two words.
React is our act directly after any situation or discussion,without thinking or analysis.
Respond is how we act over any situation after thinking and analysis.
You now have clear view of both of these.There are situations where respond is necessary and there is time when react is useful.Like when anyone sees something dangerous he runs out of situation without thinking anything else,this quick reaction could save life in this situation.
When we are in quarrel or any meeting or any kind of problem,we need a thinking to overcome that problem.Hence we will analyse it and respond according to it,not just scream out loud and make the quarrel convert into fight.
Both of these should be kept balanced,but If you want to live respected and successful life than respond on most situation.

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OK,I'll keep it in mind @farhanali..