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Unexplained Honeybee Behavior - Short Video

in bees •  2 years ago 

I saw this too.

There are few cases why it can happen:

  • it is too hot inside
  • there is no much free space inside
  • Bees got honeydew with high humidity, so they are decreasing it
  • some dumb beekeeper, like myself, before tried to catch a swarm in this hive and sprayed it with some item to attract bees
  • who knows..
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Bearding is the usual behavior associated with conditions in the hive that are too hot, humid, or crowded. Bearding bees pile on top of each other and hold almost completely still. Washboarding bees are spaced out at uniform intervals and move up and down rhythmically.
You might be right, though. They may be caused by the same conditions.