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It has been 3 weeks since I posted a #beersaturday post? While that may be way too long, I can assure you my station as THE STEEM BEEROLOGIST is safe and sound out in the real world. I have spent those 3 weeks discovering new beer, revisiting old favourites, photographing beer for upscale restaurants, being photographed drinking beer for promotional purposes, and even working to bring a brewery on as a new client.

Let me catch you up ...


New Beer


My on again off again relationship with Whitewater Brewing https://whitewaterbeer.ca out of Ottawa was on again this month. I was underwhelmed by the shelf presentation of this beer but was in the "alright, lets fill out the last couple cans of this 6-pack with something new" mode. Proclaiming 60 IBUs of bitterness and hops in a 5% ABV beer is reason enough for me to give it a shot. Why they had to specify that they were Juicy Hops is just hopeful thinking and Astrolabe must have a good story even though it is plainly classified as a Session IPA.


When you give it a pour, you see a nice colour with a nice consistent unfiltered haze. Spinning the can around to see what the story was, I was assaulted with a TLDR block of text I was tempted to just ignore. The thread-thin connection between Astrolabe and this brew is tied to the notion that there is a galaxy of papaya and mango inside, and you are .001% smarter knowing an Astrolabe is a galaxy measurement tool.

Another silly branding strategy in an increasingly crowded space is not doing Whitewater any favours. I did not hate this beer and would buy it again if I was getting 12 lighter beers for a summer adventure. Not bad but not great and most likely destined to be lost in the universe of better beers.


Old and New Combined with Business


This picture tells at least 3 stories for me. The brewery is the oldest of the new craft breweries in town, creator of one of my top 10 IPAs for the longest time, and is run by a friend of mine. Definitely an old and long running favourite.

The beer on the label and in the glass is something brand new to me. Paul Bellini is a Canadian comedy icon best known for his role on the classic series Kids in the Hall https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096626/?ref_=nm_knf_t1 (srsly if you haven't seen that, think SCTV evolved and refined into some really funny and silly classic skits.) The particulate in the beer is actually small pieces of real peach which make this beer so genuinely yummy and juicy without making it annoyingly peachy. Really damn good!

The crossover for me was that enjoying this beer was in the context of not only a good conversation with a friend, but a sales meeting that holds the possibility of a business partnership which would end up being a win/win. Stay tuned to @town-crier for the story when we get this deal done.


Speaking of @town-crier, Marketing Beer!


I teased a little of this cool photo shoot on my post https://steemit.com/beer/@zekepickleman/zeke-office-for-the-day-mo34wsev and told a bit of the story on the business blog https://steemit.com/entrepreneurship/@town-crier/town-crier-spotlight-revival-house


Beer and business DO mix when you have a client that has a dozen taps of great beer and such a great flight to enable you to sample them. These ones were picked for their variety of hue and personality in attempt to showcase the variety. There is a classy purposefulness in everything Rob tries to do at his restaurant and I can see evidence in the presentation of this flight.


By the end of the photo shoot, I had interfered with our photographer enough and we really needed a drink. Rest assured, we gave this Ale, Sour, Stout and Lager a good home. Flights rule!


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Title image courtesy of https://www.pinterest.pt/goldensaintbeer/ with a little Zeke design on top.

Which beer image makes you the happiest?

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I like how the beer platter is just a giant log.
Those beers look great. I've been on a 2-week break from beer and just drinking local spirits. I want to see if I can notice a difference. I still have lots of pictures of beer I drank before then.

Actually the owner of that restaurant switched from beer to wine and lost a bunch of weight. I just stick to the beer and try and train Jiu Jitsu to preserve my girlish figure.

Jui Jitsu is a little intense for me. But that is the idea, lots of exercise or a favorite beverage with less calories. I'll still drink beers, but Maybe just a couple.

The last image of the beers 🍻 toasting ... something about brining people together that makes me smile 😊

Ah yes.

That shot was from a couple years ago. My hand is the lower left one in the blue sleeve and D is lower right.

Love these photo shoots where we get free drinks and food and get to just hang out having fun.

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Free drinks and fun with family and friends are always great !

That's some good photography. I have no idea about beer or any other drink! He he..

Posted using Partiko Android

Haha thanks!

With business and leisure, I can tell you all about food and drink!

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I love the presentation of those !BEER testers!! Love the wood!!

Thanks man!

I find it awesome they have flights in an upper class restaurant so you can sample like you were at the brewery. So yummy!

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Thanks man!

I find it awesome they have flights in an upper class restaurant so you can sample like you were at the brewery. So yummy!

Hey @zekepickleman, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!