#Beer Saturday – Three Beers from Austria

in beersaturday •  2 years ago 

It just happend that this week I had three different beers from Austria. This wasn't planned, but anyway here they are.

The first one was brought to my by friend from Austria. Schwechater Wiener Lager brewed by Schwechat, Austria. Very nice amber-reddish color. Malty taste and medium bitter. Excellent, very tasty and very drinkable. Alc 5.5%.

The second one is Stiegl Pale Ale brewed by Stieglbrauerei Salzburg. Not bad but also not very impressive. Some hoppy taste but nothing to remember. Alc 5%.
stiegl pale ale.jpg

The third beer is Stiegl Golbrau brewed by the same brewery in Salzburg. This is typicall lager, but pretty tasteless. Just light watery beer. Alc 4.9%

Except for Schwechater Wiener Lager, other two beers from Salzburg were pretty disappointing.

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I do like Stiegl beers, but probably more for there cool logo and bottletop than their actual beers, they are well made but at the end of day lagers, which I never find that interesting.

I agree they are good beers but maybe not very exciting.