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RE: Enjoy the unbelievable Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge in week 39 - WIN from 15 SBD in prizes -

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Ha ha, you're a gas man, I liked the bit of fun you had with your review @dennisauburn and the IPA looks nice, but I'm biased as IPAs are my favourite!

Thank you very much. The IPA is very good. Stone just seems to be very sold with whatever they do. And. you know dude, like is fun, right? :-))

Yep, it certainly is, and for me doing these reviews is helping me try loads of new beers, which is class!! It's like a little mini best job ever!! :o)

Yes! A job and an excuse! Perfect. :-))

Great story :D I love the humor you put into your posts

Thanks :-)) I should call it the threebeerwrite. Now that would be a challenge! :-))

that is pretty funny!!! Hope you enjoyed your one beer LOL

For one beer - that's a contender. Being greedy tho, six would be better! :-))

Funny story mate. Love the review.

Thanks. Looks like you're having fun roaming thru the reviews. I know! It is fun. I'm learning a lot reading these posts. Thanks for the read.