Beer of the Day - Sweet Baby Java

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Sweet Baby Java

We were really surprised with the flavor profile of this beer. Being big fans of Robust Porter's this beer easily makes it to our top 10 list. If you ever have the chance, order this drink! You won't regret it.

British Origin AlesRobust Porter6.253

Our Thoughts

Today we have "Sweet Baby Java" which is a Robust Porter that could be compared to a Strong IPA. Sitting at a ABV value of 6.2 your going to want to watch how many of these you consume in one sitting! This beer is meant for the drinker with a distinguished taste for bitterness.

Robust Porter

Robust porters are black in color and have a roast malt flavor, often reminiscent of cocoa, but no roast barley flavor. These porters have a sharp bitterness of black malt without a highly burntcharcoal flavor. Caramel and other malt sweetness should be present and in harmony with other distinguishing porter characters. Robust porters range from medium to full in body and have a malty sweetness. Hop bitterness is medium to high, with hop aroma and flavor ranging from negligible to medium. Diacetyl is acceptable at very low levels. Fruity esters should be evident, balanced with roast malt and hop bitterness.

What does ABV/IBU mean?

ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume and is listed as a percentage and lets you know how much of your beer is alcohol and how much is other stuff.

stands for International Bitterness Units measures the bitterness from hops in a beer on a scale of 0 to 100.

Beer Fact of the Day

Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.

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