Beer of the Day - Golden Sour

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Golden Sour

Wild ale aged in white wine barrels with lemon zest added.

Hybrid/mixed BeerWild Beer3.715

Our Thoughts

Today we have "Golden Sour" which is a Wild Beer that could be compared to a Light Scottish Ale. Rated at only 3.7 ABV's this is a drink for an easy night where you don't want something too strong. This is a beer for those who are tired of light lagers and want something with a little bit of a kick. You will still find a nice crisp taste but a higher IBU profile makes for a great drink.

Wild Beer

Wild Beers are any range of color. These beers may be clear or hazy due to yeast, chill haze or hop haze. Aromas may vary tremendously due to fermentation characters contributed by various known and unknown microorganisms. The overall balance should be complex and balanced. Hop aroma very low to high. Usually because of a high degree of attenuation in these beers, malt character is very low to low. If there are exceptions that are malty, the overall balance of complexity of other characters should be in harmony. Hop flavor very low to high. Hop bitterness is perceived at varying levels depending on the overall balance, but usually perceived as very low to low. Wild beers are spontaneously fermented with microorganisms that the brewer has introduced from the ambient airenvironment in the vicinity of the brewery in which the beer is brewed. Wild beers may not be fermented with any cultured strains of yeast or bacteria. Wild beer may or may not be perceived as acidic. It may include a wildly variable spectrum of flavors and aromas derived from the wild microorganisms with which it was fermented. The overall balance of flavors, aromas, appearance and body is an important factor in assessing these beers. Body is very low to medium. Spontaneously fermented beers with fruit, spice or other ingredients would be appropriately entered as Wild Beer. For purposes of competition, entries which could be appropriately entered in an existing classic or traditional category such as Belgian-Style Lambic, Gueuze, Fruit Lambic, etc. should be entered in that category and not entered as a Wild Beer.

What does ABV/IBU mean?

ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume and is listed as a percentage and lets you know how much of your beer is alcohol and how much is other stuff.

stands for International Bitterness Units measures the bitterness from hops in a beer on a scale of 0 to 100.

Beer Fact of the Day

12-ounces of a typical American pale lager has fewer calories than 2 percent milk or apple juice.

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