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RE: Bale Breaker Field 41 Pale Ale: An Amateurish Beer Review

in #beer4 years ago (edited)

I have never tried a microbrew in a can.

Of all the pale ales I have sampled, I preferred the least hoppy of them all, Bass.

Mebbe you'll like it too.

Personally, I couldn't agree more regarding hops. While a bit of bitter is necessary to focus the mind on the other flavors present, it is all too common for (particularly young) breweries to think they're kicking the flavor up a notch while they're actually drowning it in hops.

As for ABV, I have not yet found a beer that exceeds my desired level. I've tried some belgian wheat beers with alcohol content in excess of 17%, and I could stand more.

I like wheat beer, too. Basically tasty alcohol you need to eat with a spoon, it's my second favorite, just ahead of Irish stouts, and just behind Bass Pale Ale.

Belgium and Germany especially revel in good beer.


Some beers need extra hops for the proper character. Pale ales are not among them.

I do tend to prefer stouts and porters myself, too.


I wonder why no hipster microbreweries have pitched cans as "personal kegs" yet? Maybe they have and I missed it.

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