Paradise Pils Supports Victims of the Paradise, CA Camp Fire

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Beer is great, but good beer is even better when buying it supports a good cause. Mikkeler, a brewery in San Diego, CA is now selling 4 packs of Paradise Pils with all proceeds going to help the victims of the Paradise, CA Camp Fire. This is such a good cause that I just had to buy a 4 pack to take back to my hotel room here in San Francisco. I swear, it had nothing to do with wanting to drink the beer. This was purchased purely to support a good cause. ;-)


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What a great thing that brewery is doing, to raise funds for victims of a fire! So, how did you rate their beer?

A very nice pils. Mikkeller does a very good job with most of their beers. I always visit Mikkeller bar when I'm in the Union Square area of SF. They also serve food at prices that are a bit lower than many places nearby.

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I love finding GOOD causes to throw my money toward.. and a bonus if you have to suffer a little by drinking that beer ;-) Simple, natural colored can with a neat little art design too! Cool.

How was the beer?

It was a very nice pils. Just right for a nightcap at the end of a day of conference presentations.

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Cheers to wednesday

That's awesome! I'm all for supporting companies that help out local communities. Especially when you can enjoy the purchase, as well. ;)


And if the Church served beer instead of wine, they'd be flooded with new devotees, no?

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai

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As a good cause, we are so sad that you had to convince your kind heart to buy a 4 pack of beer my friend.
I hope you did not have to suffer too much by drinking the awful stuff hahaha