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RE: Ninkasi Total Domination IPA: An Amateurish Beer Review

in #beer4 years ago

Who doesn't love upvoting a post about beer? Hell, I'm drinking beer right now! :) However, as a gluten free person (by necessity, not choice, I'm celiac) My choices are very limited. So let me just give an endorsement to my favorite gluten free beer: Bards. Bards rules! If you are gluten free you must try it.


Is that better than Redbridge?

They stopped making Redbridge :( At least the full flavor. I hear they still make 3.2, but if they still sell full flavor it's not in western Colorado where I am.

Redbridge was awesome and I miss it. However, I would need one to taste test it side by side with Bards to answer your question.

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